Our Equine Counselors

Providing an authentic environment to discover purpose and unique gifts for personal growth by way of the horse.

Our Equine Counselors

The docile horses used in the program depend on your case. Rest assured, however, that they are trained to teach character and help you move forward. Our horse-counselors include:

  • Bam Bam Rubble is an American Paint Horse who teaches trust, love, leadership, and work ethic among children;
  • Genesis, meanwhile, stands for the beginning of a new life and the end of neglect and abuse;
  • Aria is a Walking Horse who teaches you to enjoy the small things in life;
  • Lady Gray, another Walking Horse, teaches compassion and being true to one’s self, and
  • Rufio is a favorite among kids due to a playful demeanor and easy disposition.

After the session with the horses, you process the experiences and feelings with the facilitators. Our counseling programs in Phoenix paves the way for healthier emotions, responses, and relationships.


bam bam

My name is Mr. Bam Bam Rubble and I am an American Paint Horse. It is hard to see paint in me, but if you look closely I have one spot of white on my belly.

I came to the ranch as a much loved retired Dressage horse. My previous owner recognized that she was pushing me a little too hard and my body wasn’t designed to do the very strenuous discipline known as dressage, or what you folks around here sometimes call horse ballet.
Torn between the thought of selling her beloved horse or continuing me in the discipline, she contacted Reigning Grace Ranch to see if I could work with children in their therapeutic environment. She wanted the best for me and believed I would flourish in an environment where I would continue to be loved by many and work with children. She had no idea how right she was!

I am probably one of the most popular horses at the ranch because of my willing heart and disposition. I am about 13 years old and as sweet as they come. I love to be involved at the ranch whether it is being groomed, trail riding, being painted, obstacle work or groundwork. I found what makes my heart beat!

In our busy season, I work with over 30 children a month. I am responsible for teaching our children many character-building qualities such as trust, love, leadership, acceptance, communication, follow-thru, work ethic, teamwork, confidence, goal setting, learning the importance of taking care of something and good old fashion hard work.


In biblical terms, Genesis marks the beginning. To Reigning Grace Ranch, as a baby, I marked a new kind of beginning. The beginning of a new kind of love, laughter, adoration, and drive-you-crazy for tiny angels with smaller wings.

On a very cold Arizona night in February 2011, God blessed Reigning Grace with its first foal, a colt from the rescued range mare named Sugar. They would name me Genesis. Genesis stood for the beginning of a new life for my herd and the end of neglect and abuse.

I’ve been told that watching my mom give birth to me was like watching a miracle unfold in front of their very eyes. Within a few moments of my arrival, I stood with wobbly knees and had a great uncertainty of what would come next. Somehow I found an ounce of faith and took my first step, and with each step after, grew a confidence, entering into a world unknown. Over the next few days, with my childlike spirit, I had shown my new family a few things about life that may have previously taken a lifetime to learn. I taught them how to play, how to face fears, how to revel in the discovery of the unknown and how to be brave. I taught them how to start each day with an ounce of faith and end with a ton of grace, love, and desire to do it all over again the next day. I’m told I am truly a gift from God and the folks here at Reigning Grace Ranch are very honored to have been the chosen recipients of this little blessing.


I am a Tennessee Walking horse and I arrived in Arizona from Florida with Mr. Legato. I came from a family that was retiring and could no longer give me the life I deserved. The couple prayed about where Legato and I should go next and, fortunately, it was to Reigning Grace Ranch.

When we joined our new family, within the first month our humans took us up north to ride a popular horse trail. When we got there, it had been raining and our humans quickly found out that we would not cross over water. Alicia, who is now one of our mentors, said innocently, “It’s okay, they won’t cross the water because in Florida there are alligators in the water. They don’t want to get eaten!” Legato and I still laugh at that comment.

I am a very special horse to the ranch. I am very well mannered, easy going, loving and adore the attention of my many fans. I would rather sit and listen to the conversations of the many children around me than actually do anything that has to with work. I’ve also been told that I am thought to be part bunny because I wiggle my lips almost all of the time. (Silly humans!)

I am truly a beautiful horse inside and out and I teach everyone how to enjoy the small things in life.

(By the way…Legato and I now cross over water just fine! Arizona isn’t so scary after all!)


My name is Lady Gray, and I am a Walking Horse from Tennessee. I have a sweet disposition and the innocence of an angel. My previous owners loved me so much that I was the only mare in a barn full of expensive show stallions. They felt that I had so much potential to make a difference somehow, that they sheltered me from the normal duties of a mare at a breeding barn. Funny enough, I learned how to be a stallion rather than a mare. I guess you could call me a “tom-boy.” However, true to my form, I am a true southern belle.

I long to be close to humans and teach them so much about compassion, the importance of play and being genuine to themselves. I love carrots, peppermints, and apples so much that anyone can ask me to say “cheese” and I will smile for a treat. The folks at Reigning Grace tell me I have truly been a blessing to the ranch. I help everyone to remember to dance like nobody’s watching and to take time to smell the flowers. You will often find me with my aunt Patience basking in the sun or exploring the great palo verde tree’s giant umbrella. I teach those that come to the ranch to see beauty in the little things.



I came to Reigning Grace Ranch as a six-month-old, as part of the horse rescue in the fall of 2010. No stranger to humans, I was a friendly boy from my first encounters with these humans. Prior to the rescue, my mother and I could often be found rummaging through the garage at the ranch when the exterior doors would be open, in search of snacks. Many mornings, if they were late getting out to feed their personal herd, I would stand at the glass front doors, peering through the windows asking, “What are you waiting for?”

Due to the gravity-defying black mane which defined me when I was a colt, the folks at Reigning Grace decided to name me after the character, Rufio, the mohawk-wearing Lost Boy in Disney’s film Hook. Just like Rufio in the movie, I am a leader of the wild things, also known as our nursery herd members. I am beloved by all the young horses, especially Genesis, my baby brother.

I am a favorite among kids at the ranch due to my playful demeanor and the easy disposition which I inherited from my mother, Sugar.