The Horse’s Way offers a variety of treatment options that include experiential equine assisted approaches as well as traditional in-office therapy. Many people have experienced painful feelings/emotions due to trauma, addiction, abuse, and other mental health issues. What typically happens is a person may avoid emotions and feelings entirely, by avoiding relationships, using anger instead, or self-medicating with drugs or other maladaptive behaviors. Equine therapy is a powerful opportunity to learn to feel again.  Instead of denying, avoiding, blaming others for what they feel, clients learn to experience core feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Feelings are not fact – they are tools we need to use to guide us in our world.

Why The Horse’s Way Is Different

Because horses are prey animals, they are highly attuned to energies and emotions around them in order to avoid predators, and thusly they react accordingly (fight or flee).  Horses will respond to humans the same way. If a client is angry or aggressive, the horse may become stubborn and/or avoidant.  If a client is anxious, the horse may act skittish.  Clients must be honest about their feelings in order for the horse to respond in a more desirable fashion.  Experiencing a horse’s response creates and promotes self-awareness, and can help clients see themselves in an honest light. Without words, horses clearly communicate when they feel someone has overstepped their boundaries, whether horse or human. It is evident in the herd mentality and dynamic, and humans learn very quickly by the horse’s response. Trying to control or dominate a horse does not work, just as being detached or passive makes it difficult for a horse to comply with a request. Working with a horse exposes a client’s maladaptive thought and behavior pattern, which is more than likely happening in their human relationships.

Our equine-assisted counseling services in AZ help you clear your mind for crucial decisions, set and reach life goals, and identify opportunities for growth. Our horses — Bam Bam, Rubble, Genesis, Aria, Lady Gray, and Rufio — help you build better self-help skills and healthier relationships. The Horse’s Way provides an environment where you can discover your purpose and unique gifts.

Talk therapy is highly beneficial, but only if the client chooses to apply the insight into action. Equine therapy allows that within the session. Patterns of behavior that impact the client’s life will arise in the session, so the opportunity for growth is immediate. So why not take the steps to better health today? Contact us today to learn more about our Phoenix Counseling Services.


The Horse’s Way offers equine assisted counseling services in Phoenix, Arizona. Our therapeutic approach utilizing a licensed therapist, an equine specialist, and horses/donkeys to provide experiential, solution-based approaches to mental health therapy. The model utilizes ground-based/non-riding exercises to identify and create healthier communication, self-help, and relationship skills. Clients are guided through the experience of sharing thoughts and feelings that arise within the horse/human interaction, and then identify and apply healthier internal and external coping mechanisms and responses.