Connection Between Horses and Humans

You will be amazed to know that the connection between horses and human emotions is incredible. In the end, they have the ability to sense your happiness, your stress, your negativity and show much more. That’s why as The Horse’s Way we want to offer Equine Experiential Learning as a major tool with our coaching sessions. These coaching sessions can either be individual or in a group but we know that power of this connection and truly believe it will help you improve.

So, you might be wondering, how do horses help clients learn about themselves? The most common way is horses can read human emotions.  They are highly attuned and sensitive to human body language, and its subtle signals.  This means they are highly sensitive to both positive and negative behaviors. For example, when a horse senses negative human behavior, their body will react with an increased heart rate and by removing themselves from the situation. Whereas, if they sense that you are calm and positive they will be more inclined to hang around you. But, don’t try to fool them because just like humans they can see and sense your true inner feelings.

Horses are also extremely social and family oriented.  In a herd, a horse’s life depends on his relationship with the family.  In a herd, there is acceptance, discipline, and confidence required to be a member.  They are extraordinary communicators, and for a human to be in the presence of the herd is very beneficial for that human. That’s why at The Horse’s Way we feel extremely strong about out equine experiential journey where individual clients, families, couples, and corporate teams are partnered with a horse and facilitator, life coach or counselor on the ground. The beauty about horses is that they provide us instant feedback. Because of this, the facilitator can help guide our individuals or groups to make decisions, set and reach goals, or identify opportunities to grow. Our clients will experience organically instant feedback from a horse, connect the dots or see parallels for immediate or later reflection and choose to relate it or make it make sense in their own life.

We’ve found that due to the incredible connection between horses and humans it has allowed for tremendous growth and positive outcomes. To learn more about this great connection and how our individual and group life coaching sessions can benefit you, please contact us today!