Equine Assisted Counseling Services Phoenix

There are many reasons why individuals, families, and couples with choose to see a counselor. At The Horse’s Way, traditional in-office therapy is provided by a licensed therapist for couples, marriage, and family counseling. But, this isn’t all that we offer…….

What makes The Horse’s Way different is we offer a therapeutic approach utilizing a licensed therapist, an equine specialist, and horses/donkeys to provide experiential, solution-based approaches to mental health therapy. The model utilizes ground-based/non-riding exercises to identify and create healthier communication, self-help, and relationship skills. Clients are guided through the experience of sharing thoughts and feelings that arise within the horse/human interaction, and then identify and apply healthier internal and external coping mechanisms and responses.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is also known as equine assisted learning, or equine therapy is a therapeutic approach where the horse is a member of the treatment team. Horses are animals of prey and therefore are highly sensitive to their surroundings. Their awareness of emotions and actions of clients provide immediate awareness, insight, and application of change that may not happen in traditional therapy settings. Talk therapy is highly beneficial, but only if the client chooses to apply the insight into action. Equine therapy allows that within the session. Patterns of behavior that impact the client’s life will arise in the session, so the opportunity for growth is immediate. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is used to treat a range of issues including anger management, marriage/family issues, grief, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma (PTSD). Like humans, horses are social creatures, which causes them to behave and interact differently when they are alone, with another horse, and within a herd of horses. This is true for humans, as well. We communicate and respond to experiences differently, depending on the social environment.  As in a family or a work environment, our behavior adjusts to the hierarchy of the social framework.  It is natural, then that the horse/human interaction will cause adaptive or maladaptive dynamics and responses to arise. What is gained is a healthier awareness of self, coping skills, communication tools/responses, applying boundaries, and creating or rebuilding trust.

This is an exciting approach and a unique service in Phoenix, Arizona that we are excited to offer you. Our clients have had a tremendous amount of success with this approach and we know that equine assisted counseling services can help you too. If you are interested in speaking with one of us or scheduling an appointment, please contact us today!


Horse’s Way offers counseling services Phoenix AZ and is an Equine Experiential journey where individual clients, families, couples, and corporate teams are partnered with a horse and facilitator, life coach or counselor on the ground. The beauty of horses is that they provide us instant feedback. Because of this, the facilitator can help guide our individuals or groups to make decisions, set and reach goals, or identify opportunities to grow. Our clients will experience organically instant feedback from a horse, connect the dots or see parallels for immediate or later reflection and choose to relate it or make it make sense in their own life.