Equine Assisted Therapy

At The Horse’s Way, we offer traditional In-office sessions with the Licensed Therapist for individuals, couples, and families. Treatment approaches will vary depending on the treatment assessment and goals. Equine assisted sessions will be discussed prior and further, and more in-depth when talk therapy is applied. It is also an option if the weather does not permit EAP, or treatment team or client availability needs to be modified. So if traditional in-office sessions haven’t gotten you the achievements you were hoping for, maybe adding equine will make a difference?

Equine assisted learning or equine therapy is a therapeutic approach where the horse is a member of the treatment team. Horses are animals of prey and therefore are highly sensitive to their surroundings. Their awareness of emotions and actions of clients provide immediate awareness, insight, and application of change that may not happen in traditional therapy settings. Talk therapy is highly beneficial, but only if the client chooses to apply the insight into action. Equine therapy allows that within the session. Patterns of behavior that impact the client’s life will arise in the session, so the opportunity for growth is immediate.

Equine-assisted work honors the natural behavior of horses and herds.  Horses are skilled at keeping themselves safe and adept at survival; their natural behaviors are optimal for mental and physical health.  In many respects, humans have lost the instinct to keep themselves safe and healthy.  We entrust horses to show us the way back to health.  Work and observation in the horse world lend itself to extremely powerful metaphors into our own patterns, strengths, and the nonverbal messages we send out.  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy implements the power of equine-assisted principles and exercises to introduce therapy clients to themselves in a modality that has been found to be more efficient and less threatening than traditional talk therapy.

At The Horse’s Way you have the opportunity to use equine assisted work with the following:

We’ve noticed a huge change in progress with clients that use equine assisted therapy over just traditional in-office sessions. The connection between horses and humans is extremely powerful. It Just Works!

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